What is it?

Personal training is one on one health and fitness private training. Primarily it’s to motivate, educate and coach the client to achieve results and attain their personal fitness goals. Each training session is designed specifically for the client and their fitness goals, which makes it so effective. With Personal Training there’s guidance and reassurance that you are performing the exercises with correct technique, without the risk of injury. Depending on your current physical level, from one training session to another, you will be challenged at the right intensity with the appropriate training methods to keep you progressing in every session. Each training session lasts an hour and you will be guided from warm up, all the way through the end. Included in the personal training package there’s also nutritional advice. Nutritional advice will be given to help you progress gradually towards eating healthier. As with the Personal Training, changes you make in your diet are also progressive lifestyle changes that will eventually become habitual and natural to you.


(Membership prices for Personal Training will be given and discussed straight after the free screening intake)