George Kroukis, owner George Health Lab2
George Kroukis Owner George Health Lab

Growing up in Athens Greece George always felt a connection with sports and physical activity. At a very young age he discovered his talent for swimming and he started training professionally and participating in national and international competitions till the age of 17. Today, George the initiator of the Lab, considered an expert in the fields of corrective and high performance exercise kinesiology and stress management. Having more than thirty global specializations and more than ten years of experience is able to find the root that causes the problem. Always treating the body as a whole system George has been successful where traditional approaches have failed. Till this day he has been developing himself in different disciplines of fitness and health that leads to improve people lives. His curiosity from a young age about the mental and  physical aspects of human nature helped him to become an expert in his field.

Floris Kingma Health Expert
Floris Kingma Health Expert

Already at a very young age Floris found his passion for sports. He played Cricket and Football at a competitive level. Because of his talent and passion for sports he got into Fitness quite soon in order to improve his strength, endurance and overall physical performance. Since then he found the love for this industry and that's why he took the decision to become a trainer/coach. After finishing High School he studied at the Sports Academy in The Netherlands where he became a Personal Trainer. Floris is also certified from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)  with several specializations within his field. After all these years of experience, today Floris considered an expert in the fields of strength performance and nutrition. Floris says "Consistency is the key. Combining the right training program with proper nutrition magical things will happen. What excites and motivates me is to see my people changing physically and getting into a better lifestyle and longevity"